Co-founders Melanie and Jason both spent 10+ years in digital before setting up shop with Point Interactive in 2009.  They started the business working as contractors with a variety of clients, and as they grew they had the opportunity to collaborate with a number of New Zealand organisations, ranging from boutique insurance providers all the way up to district health boards and large scale public sector. As the work came in, they identified that their real niche was in providing digital services for small business – enjoying the thrill of transforming small businesses into thriving brands, along with streamlining their operational process with digital technology.

Melanie Staples

Melanie StaplesI’m a strategic digital marketing professional with a track record of consistently exceeding my clients and employers goals. I truly enjoy creating digital products, programs, and marketing processes to improve the customer experience, and I have extensive expertise in planning complex digital marketing initiatives. I’ve worked both agency and client-side, developing all kinds of digital solutions from one page websites all the way through to fully automated lead nurture campaigns.

Jason Ranston

Jason RanstonI’m a digital leader and designer with a wide variety of skills that leverage digital and social media to inform, instruct and improve. I’m driven by my passion for digital technologies that improve outcomes and give measurable benefits. Over the last 15 years I’ve used multimedia and on-line technologies to intelligently engage people, create communities, start conversations, educate and even simplify business processes. My specialist experience is in eLearning, video and interactive media.