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Point Interactive works with your business, delivering lead generating solutions to improve sales and marketing automations to give you maximum value for your marketing spend. We work to uncover your buyers and drive the right ones to your sales team – qualified and ready to buy.

Mosaic Persona Development

We synthesize your raw sales data into traits and audiences, to create deeper buyer personas to center your marketing and sales.

Targeted Advertising

With a better sense of your customer, we use it to deliver more personal experiences throughout your customer journey.

Marketing Automation

By automating a number of your marketing actions, we remove the repetitive tasks and make it easy to market on multiple channels at once.

Qualified Lead Generation

With lead capture tools, you’ll get buyers that are more likely to convert, so you’ll maximise the return on your sales efforts.

Rich Reporting and Analytics

Make use of deep reporting and create look-back windows that enable data-driven decisions to improve sales and marketing.

Constant Improvement

Speed up the identification of potential customers moving through your pipeline, with lead improvement modeling and identity resolutions.

What is a Mosaic Persona?

Basic Personas don't work because they are not granular enough - You might as well say our target is '0-99, living on earth'.

What you need is a Mosaic Persona made up of specific sales data, listening to the sales teams responses to detailed questioning, and the convergence of information from business touch point interactions.

Quality personas make for quality marketing and sales.


Melanie Staples

Digital Consultant.
021 217 0480

An experienced digital marketing professional with a track record of consistently exceeding clients digital marketing goals. She’s worked both agency and client-side, developing all kinds of digital marketing solutions from one page websites all the way through to fully automated lead nurture campaigns.

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Point Interactive knows that finding the right digital marketing partner to support your sales is a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we offer free consultations to walk through your needs, the scope of your goals, and your budget.

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